Whether you hate it or not, the idiot box has become an integral part of our daily lives, acting as a window to the world and providing entertainment, news, etc. round-the-clock. However, similar to any electronic equipment, your television may encounter a plethora of issues in the long term that could disrupt your viewing experience.

From fuzzy screens to sound problems, dealing with these technical malfunctions can prove to be extremely frustrating for the average consumer with zilch knowledge and expertise in TV repair in Oakville. Hence, for the benefit of our beloved readers, we are going to briefly discuss today a few of the most common television-related problems along with providing some practical tips to troubleshoot and resolve them.

No Picture, Static, or Fuzzy Screen

One of the most frustrating issues faced by television owners is the absence of a clear picture. If you ever encounter a fuzzy screen or static, the problem is likely to lie with the connection of your television. Check the cables that connect your set to the cable box, digital video disk player, or any other external device.

Ensure you have securely plugged in them and that their wires are unharmed in the process. You may also consider replacing the existing cables with new ones to find out if the problem persists. If you are using an antenna, reposition it for better signal reception, and in the case of satellite television; make sure you have correctly aligned the disk.

No Sound or Distorted Audio

Another common problem is when your television suddenly goes mute or the audio becomes distorted. Start by checking the volume settings on your set and any external devices you may have connected. Ensure you have not muted them and that you have already turned up the volume to an appropriate level. On the contrary, if you are using external speakers, confirm whether you have powered them on and if they are functioning properly.

However, if there is still no sound, try connecting another audio device like a pair of headphones or external speakers to your television and if you hear sound through the alternate device, there may be wrong with the internal speakers of your set. Note that this is the time when you should seek assistance at the earliest possible opportunity from a local professional with a proven record of accomplishment in TV repair in Oakville.

The Television Turns Off Unexpectedly

If your television keeps turning off on its own, there might be several potential reasons behind this. Begin by checking the sleep or auto-off settings of your timer on your set and if you have already enabled the same, deactivate it and see if the problem persists. On the contrary, overheating may also cause a present-day television to shut down automatically to prevent damage. Ensure that nothing is obstructing the air ventilation slots of your set and clean any specks of dust that may have accumulated on them. Call All-Tech Electronics now for affordable TV repair in Oakville!