Learn the common TV problems

Doesn’t matter what TV brand you have, sometimes issues are minimal and we get frustrated. This section will walk you through the common TV problems which you should check before you call the technician.

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Repair of all LCD, Plasma, OLED, 4K LED televisions


TV doesn't start

This is one of the biggest and the most scary problem that you can face.The 1st and the most logical step before you even think of a repair guy is to check the power cord is plugged.If you have pets in you home, a playful cat or a dog can damage the power cord.If this is not the case,check back of the Television set for anysign of wetness.

Broken or cracked or smashed screen pane

it would not be repairable but depending upon the damage it can be replaced..most of the time if will not be economical to replace the screen and panel but if we have a replacement screen in our stock. The repair estimate and possibility will be only possible after a ionsite visit and physical inspection.

No Picture but just snow

Check if everything is connected properly.Check for any cable box problem, or your satellite provider is working fine.Do not try to self fix it. Time to Call your repair guy or (416) 697-0161 for expert advice.